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Statutory Committee

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Bureau Advisory Committee

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Standing Committee

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Study Committee

Acquiescence (tolerance) to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

Added matter: the standard for determining adequate support for amendments

Amendment of patent claims after grant (in court and administrative proceedings, including re-examination proceedings requested by third parties)

Bad faith trademarks

Border measures and other Means of Customs Intervention against Infringers

Breadth of claims, support by disclosure and scope of protection of patents

Conditions for registration and scope of protection of non-conventional trademarks

Conflicting patent applications

Conflicts between trademark protection and freedom of expression

Conflicts between Trademarks and Company and Business Names

Consumer survey evidence

Contracts regarding Intellectual Property Rights (assignments and licenses) and third parties

Copyright in artificially generated works

Criminal law sanctions with regard to the infringementof intellectual property rights

Current standards for prior art disclosure in assessing novelty and inventive step requirements

Damages for infringement, counterfeiting and piracy of trademarks

Database protection at national and international level

Divisional, Continuation and Continuation in Part Patent Applications

Employers’ rights to intellectual property

Enforcement of intellectual property rights – infringement and liability

Enforcement of intellectual property rights – procedure and sanctions

Enforcement of intellectual property rights TRIPS

Evaluation of confusion in Trademark Law

Exceptions and limitations to copyright protection for libraries, archives and education and research institutions

Exceptions to copyright protection and the permitted uses of copyright works in the hi-tech and digital sectors

Exceptions to copyright protection and the permitted uses of copyright works in the hi-tech and digital sectors

Exhaustion issues in copyright law

Exhaustion of IPRs in cases of recycling or repair of goods

Grace period for patents

Infringement of trademarks by goods in transit

International Exhaustion of Industrial Property Rights

International Exhaustion of Patent Rights

Inventorship of Multinational Inventions

IP damages for acts other than sales

IP licensing and insolvency

Issues of co-existence of trademarks and domain names: public versus private international registration systems

Joint liability for IP infringement

Jurisdiction and applicable law in the case of cross-border infringement (infringing acts) of intellectual property rights

Liability for contributory infringement of IPRs

Liability for contributory infringement of IPRs – certain aspects of patent infringement

Limitations of the Trademark Protection

Limitations on exclusive IP Rights by competition law

Linking and making available on the Internet

Partial designs

Patentability of Business Methods

Patentability of computer implemented inventions

Patentability Requirements and Scope of Protection of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Entire Genomes

Patents and protection of the environment


Protection against the dilution of a trademark

Protection of graphical user interfaces

Protection of terms in foreign languages as mark

Protection of trade secrets through IPR and unfair competition law

Punitive damages as a contentious issue of IP Rights

Quantification of monetary relief

Registrability of 3D trademarks

Relationship between trademarks and geographical indications

Relevant public for determining the degree of recognition of famous marks, well-known marks and marks with reputation

Relief in IP proceedings other than injunctions or damages

Requirements for protection of designs

Second medical use or indication claims

Security Interests over Intellectual Property

Selection Inventions: the Inventive Step Requirement, other Patentability Criteria and Scope of Protection

Taking unfair advantage of trademarks: parasitism and free riding

Term of copyright protection

The availability of injunctions in cases of infringement of IPRs

The basic mark requirement under the Madrid System

The effectiveness of border measures after TRIPS

The Impact of Advertising Restrictions on Trademarks

The Impact of Co-Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their Exploitation

The Impact of Co-Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their Exploitation

The Impact of Co-Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their Exploitation

The impact of public health issues on exclusive patent rights

The interplay between design and copyright protection for industrial products

The Need and Possible Means of Implementing the Convention on Biodiversity into Patent Laws

The patentability criterion of inventive step / non-obviousness

The person skilled in the art in the context of the inventive step requirement in patent law

The protection of Major Sports Events and associated commercial activities through Trademarks and other IPR

The Relationship between Technical Standards and Patent Rights

The relevance of traditional knowledge to intellectual property law

The requirement of genuine use of trademarks for maintaining protection

The role and function of experts in patent disputes

The role of equivalents and prosecution history in defining the scope of patent protection

The use of prosecution history in post-grant patent proceedings

Three-dimensional Marks: The Borderline between Trademarks and Industrial Designs

Trade secrets: Overlap with restraint of trade, aspects of enforcement

Trademarks and Internet domain names

Unfair competition – comparative advertising

Use of a mark “as a mark” as a legal requirement in respect of acquisition, maintenance and infringement of rights