• Scope of Work::

    The In-house Committee (IC) represents the interests of all in-house members within AIPPI irrespective of National or Regional Group. The Committee monitors, comments upon and advises the Bureau, in respect of priority issues for in-house members. Further, it provides a platform for in-house counsel to discuss ways of progressing issues which are important to industry.

    The roles of the IC include the following:
    A. To define issues and identify potential topics for study, research and commentary by AIPPI which in-house members regard as industry priorities;

    B. To make recommendations to the Bureau regarding the annual work programme of AIPPI and activities at Congresses suitable for in-house members;

    C. To make recommendations to the Bureau regarding committees/sub-committees which are required to support the activities of in-house members;

    D. To assist AIPPI to build its services for its in-house membership base and attract and increase its in-house membership;

    E. To enhance the interaction and cooperation between AIPPI in-house members and other AIPPI members and National and Regional Groups; and

    F. To make recommendations to the Bureau and to assist the Bureau to enhance the interaction and co-operation between AIPPI and industry groups in which in-house AIPPI members are active.

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